Exciting revamp for HARIBO Vegetarian Varieties

Boasting a delicious mix of treats which are big on taste, texture and fun, HARIBO’s vegetarian range has become even more exciting with revamped colours and flavours for Jelly Beans and Funny Mix, as well as a new mini edition for Giant Strawbs. 

HARIBO Jelly Beans 


HARIBO Jelly Beans are jumping for joy with new playful colours and juicy jelly flavours, including candy floss, marshmallow, popcorn, peach & passionfruit, raspberry and blackcurrant. This tasty treat makes a delightfully delicious update to the range. 

HARIBO Funny Mix 

With the addition of real fruit juice in every sweet and an irresistible new ice-cream shaped piece – HARIBO’s Funny Mix is yummier than ever before! 

Bursting with both pineapple and blackcurrant juice is the new fun and fruity ice-cream shaped piece. Delivering a refreshing twist is the cola bottle, which now features a hint of lemon juice to recreate the iconic cola with a slice of lemon. While the strawberry sweet has become even more delicious with the addition of real strawberry juice. 

Offering a tastier new mix of favourites, Funny Mix is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. 


HARIBO Giant Strawbs – Gone Mini 

Mini in size but still big in flavour, Giant Strawbs Gone Mini takes the unique chewy texture and long-lasting strawberry taste of this favourite treat and makes it even easier to enjoy with new, bite-sized pieces. 

…But that’s not all, because HARIBO’s range of vegetarian treats is bursting with familiar favourites and fabulous choice. Whether it’s tempting texture, tasty tang or fruity flavours – HARIBO really does have it all! 

HARIBO Giant Strawbs 

Giant in size and flavour, HARIBO Giant Strawbs are a selection of chewy, strawberry flavoured sweets that remain a firm family favourite and a much-loved sharing treat. 

HARIBO Rainbow Twists 

Featuring a frenzy of fruity flavours and colours in delicious spiral shapes, HARIBO Rainbow Twists make a tasty treat to share amongst friends and family.

HARIBO Rainbow Strips Z!NG 

Enough to brighten up any dull day, HARIBO Rainbow Strips Z!NG boast a fanfare of fruity flavours, vibrant colours and a mouth-wateringly zingy taste courtesy of HARIBO’s signature sour coating. 

HARIBO Spaghetti Z!NG 

Teasingly tangy strawberry strands make HARIBO Spaghetti Z!NG a sweet to be savoured. 

HARIBO Rainbow Spaghetti Z!NG 

In strawberry, lemon, orange and apple flavours HARIBO Rainbow Spaghetti Z!NG offers a kaleidoscope of sour spaghetti sweets. Bold in colour and taste makes this perfect for those who like a lively mix of flavour.


For further information on the HARIBO range, please visit the website: https://www.haribo.com/