5 Minutes with Clargo Gardening Services Abingdon

We caught up with George of Clargo Gardening Services Abingdon to talk all things gardens.


What is your favourite winter plant?

My favourite winter plant is Dogwoord (Cornus alba). With it’s colourful winter stems it brightens up any garden in them dull months.

What got you into gardening?

I got into garden when I was looking for an apprenticeship that involved being outside. I found work at a Manor House and my love for gardening grew and grew. I want to give people a beautiful garden that they can enjoy.

GardeningBy the end of the regular gardening season, I’m ready for a break. Why would I want to do even more work for months after my garden is put to bed?

As it come to the end of the gardening season it’s good to continue working on it due to the weather plants are exposed to. High winds, frost and snow all have a negative impact on plants. The quicker you can identify problem the more chance your garden will survive the winter and cause you less work come spring.

When do you start planting for spring?

You can start planting full hardy plants from march but for best results we recommend waiting till the last frost. The last Frost in Oxfordshire is around April time.

Which are the most cold-tolerant crops and plants I can grow in a cold climate?

There is a great selection on cold tolerant crops for example, Brussel sprouts, Kales, Leeks. On the plant side you have, Lily of the Valley, Dogwood and Heuchera.

Do you have to water the plants regularly in winter months?

It all depends on the rain full, location and temperature. If it has rained but you’re not sure if the plant is in a sheltered place simple dig a small hole and seem if the sub soil is damp. If there is snow on the ground its worth clearing off around plants due to the plants not being able to take up frozen water.

How do you protect the plants from the cold?

The best way to protect your pants is to bring them inside (or more sheltered area) if they’re in pots. If in the group, its best to cover them in fleece and wrap string around to insure it doesn’t blow off.

What types of problems do you encounter with winter gardening? Are there any insects?

There are not that many insects in the winter. The problem you will find is frost, rain and wind damage which can be resolved by light pruning if spotted early. Cover and protecting your plants and help avoid these problems.

What else is involved in winter gardening and what should we be doing?

Winter Gardening is a lot of cutting back, clearing leaves/ snow and protecting your plants. The main job for winter is getting the hedges cut back and Apple trees pruned.

Anything you suggest keeping an eye out for that needs to be attended to straight away in our Garden’s that may need a gardener’s service?

Keep and eye out for damage on plants or plants that may be looking different to what you’d expect for this time of year. Most things can be sorted quickly if spotted before they develop further. For example, handing branches, it will be easier to take down in controlled conditions before it drops and damages other plants or object

If your garden needs a makeover, or you need a little bit of help, read more about about George here, call him on 07561305600 or visit his website. Clargo Gardening Services offer gardening services in Abingdon and the surrounding area.